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    My name is Allen Farlow. I make money at flea markets.

    I've personally made more than $100,000 in cash at flea markets and swap meets across
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     It's not rocket science. Buy something to sell, something that people want. Rent a space in a busy flea market, set         up and sell it for more than it cost you to make a healthy profit. People will buy it and pay you in cash.

     How complicated is that? It's not.

    Let's say you buy an item for one dollar and sell it for three dollars to make a profit of two dollars. 

    Can you live on two dollars? Of course not.

    But what if you made 100 to 200 sales in one six-hour day, which is super easy to do at a busy flea market?

    Could you live on $200 to $400 a week? Many people do.

    But quite often most shoppers will not buy just one item. They will pick up a handful of different items and you
    will double and even triple your money on each of those items!

    Can you live on $500 - $1,500 or more a week? I certainly can...but

    I like making a LOT of money and I'll show you exactly how to do it!

    Allen Farlow's 'Inside Secrets' of Selling at Flea Markets is an
    instant digital download that will take you step-by-step and show you exactly
    what to do to make easy money at flea markets...starting from the very
    first day you open for business.

    This isn't some wimpy ebook. This is a 105-page, ten lesson course that
    will test you at the end of each chapter so you actually learn it instead of just
    read through it. You will receive all ten lessons at the same time in this
    instant digital download.

     You'll learn:


How to locate flea markets and swap meets no matter where you live. There may be a flea market nearby            that you never knew was there.

How to choose the right type of merchandise to sell, items that are in demand. This will be one of the keys
your success. Choose the wrong type of merchandise and you will guarantee your failure.

How to buy brand new merchandise at low wholesale prices. In many cases these will be the very same                items in the very same packaging you have seen at Wal Mart or Target. BRAND NEW! If you want to                    make the most profit you must buy your merchandise at the lowest cost to you.

How to determine your true costs, so you can determine your true profits. This is something you'll need
       to know how to do before April 15th (tax time).


How to make your business so visually-appealing shoppers can't help but stop and buy something.

    I will even tell you how I make money reading the newspaper. You'll discover how I can read the newspaper by 9          a.m. and make nearly $200 in cash by 3 p.m. I know what to look for and how to take advantage of it. This is SO
   easy even a teenager can do it.

After reading your course twice (wifey is reading it now) I'd have to say it's chalk full of simple easy to implement must have information. My wife is already preparing to enter the Flea, Swap Meet business and she found some fantastic tips from you that are already making a difference in her eBay biz. 4 stars, 10 out of 10, Top Notch over delivered product. Thanks."

Paul Maybry

    Not only do I make money at flea markets I also shop there... because flea markets are fun! I never know what
    neat items I will find one week to the next. It might be an antique clock like the one your grandmother used to
    have. It might be fresh, tasty melons straight off the farm or...

    It might even be a silly hat just like this one!

     Shopping at flea markets also allows me to support my fellow vendors. They can always
    use the help. Many of them don't do as well as I do because they are still trying to 'wing       it' and are making the costly mistakes you'll avoid making when you get this ten-lesson         course.

    I'm sure they'd agree this course would not only save them money but help them make
 more money. I learned a           long time ago it is much easier to do something right the first time rather than bumbling along, making mistakes           that take even more time correcting later, mistakes that will cost you a lot of money.

     Flea markets are fun but make no mistake, flea markets are serious business when it comes to making money.

More than one million dollars in cash changed hands at flea markets
last weekend - in the state of Texas alone!

How much did you get?

     Hands down, this is tested and proven and it works!

This is a TERRIFIC course. I sold at the Swap Meet in Phoenix, AZ for five full years and this report tells you EVERYTHING you need to make it big. Allen has a knack of making it easy to read and yet full of information. His down to earth style is a welcome relief from some other reports. I give this FOUR STARS out of FOUR STARS.

Bob Downs
Mesa, AZ.

     Oh, it's guaranteed, too, of course:

My 65-Day, Rock Solid, No Bull
No Questions Asked
100% Money Back Guarantee

     Buy this course, put it to work and see for yourself what it can do for you. If you are not
    satisified with it hit me up for a full refund and I will refund every bit of your money. No
    hard feelings.

    That's fair, isn't it? How can you know if you don't actually try it for yourself? So take it
    for a test drive and find out for yourself. Hundreds of people just like yourself have already
    gone through this course and are earning great incomes every weekend.

    My name is Allen Farlow. My name is on it, I created it from my many years of actual hands
    on experience and I know what it can do for you. It has the power to literally change your
    life for the better.

    But as I said, if it doesn't work for you just let me know and I'll return your money. I'm a real     person. Here's my email address:

    And keep the free bonuses as my gift to you. Nothing for you to return.

    You have my word on that and my word is good.

     Oh! Did I mention free bonuses? Yes, I did!

     Bonus #1: 'The Top 250 Wholesale Sources Guide', 61 pg. (a $39.95 value.)

    This 61-page instant digital download will take you step-by-step through how to
    find true U.S. wholesale companies and how to create your account with them. (They
    don't sell to just anyone and they never reveal their wholesale prices to the general
    public.) This is what everyone wants but few ever find.

     You'll receive the actual company names, phone numbers and website addresses of
    U.S. wholesale companies, as well as a brief description of the type of merchandise           they sell. Electronics, clothing, binoculars, inflatables, pet products, auto parts,
    you will have access to wholesalers that sell just about anything. Ordering is easy,
    just call them. Most ship by UPS and you'll have it in less than a week.

    To make the most profit you must buy your merchandise at the lowest cost and this pdf will help you do just that!

     Bonus #2: 'COUNTERFEIT! The Training Manual', 29 pg. (a $17.97 value.)

     Operating an all-cash business means you MUST know how to tell if a
    bill is real or counterfeit.

     Counterfeiters love flea markets because the vast majority of sellers don't have a
     clue how to tell the difference. They blindly accept whatever money is offered,
    only to discover later that they got ripped off.

     Don't think it's a problem? U.S. Secret Service agents seized $88.7 million in
     counterfeit bills in 2014 alone. Nearly 60 percent of the fake bills were made
     by using inkjet and laser printers.

     Don't become a victim. This 29-page training manual (instant digital download) will teach you what you need to
     know to spot counterfeit bills with little more than a glance. (Most of those counterfeit detector pens don't work.
     Mark on a piece of newspaper and it will tell you it's real!) I already know how to tell the difference. The crooks
     can't fool me and once you know what I know, they won't be able to fool you, either.

     Bonus #3: 'The Advanced Lessons', 23 pg.  (a $17.00 value.)

     Your going to really love this one!

     'The Advanced Lessons' will teach you how to take your flea market business and
     literally explode it into the big time - the 6-figure big time. Yes, you can increase
     your business and earn an income in excess of $100,000.00 per year - just working

     In this instant digital download, you'll discover how to find the help you'll need,
     how to safely manage so much cash (an average of $8,400 per week) and how to
     put your business on the fast track, regardless of your credit. Good credit, bad credit,       it doesn't matter - you can do this.

In short, you will receive a complete business!

    Not only will you learn how to create a small business of your own and make it a great success, you will also find
    out exactly where to buy your merchandise at wholesale cost to ensure you make the most profit, you'll be able
    to protect yourself from being conned by fake money AND you'll learn how to build your new business into a                 SIX-FIGURE BUSINESS to bring in $100,000+  just working two days per week on weekends.

    And it's guaranteed or your money back. You simply cannot go wrong.

Hey Allen,

Just wanted to say thanks for your "How to sell at flea markets" course. In a little more than one week after taking your course, we had decided on a product, spent only a few hundred dollars and was up and running. Any other business would have cost us thousands in startup capital and months to get the door open. We have now expanded to multiple booths and are making thousands of dollars each month. Our weekdays are free to do the things we enjoy, like working in our garden, visiting family and friends and going on vacations.

Thanks again!

Rose Mosley
Tupelo, Mississippi


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